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What can be Conceived can be Created.

Hello, I'm Scott Rotheiser, your trusted Broker proudly serving Las Vegas, Clark County, and the surrounding areas.

My journey in the real estate industry began in 1986 when I ventured into Real Estate sales in Torrance, CA. By 1993, I transitioned into a full-time Lender. In 1995, North American Mortgage recognized my talents and invited me to join their team in Las Vegas. In 2011, I assumed the role of Broker for Real Home Services and Solutions, overseeing operations in Nevada, Hawaii, Kansas, Idaho, and Alaska. Since then, I've successfully facilitated the sale of over 1100 homes.

My guiding principle is simple: the client always comes first. I prioritize integrity in every aspect of my service to ensure my clients' satisfaction. In today's ever-evolving real estate landscape, people's lives and aspirations are constantly changing. My passion lies in helping clients navigate the next chapter of their lives, whether it involves finding a larger home, downsizing, or embarking on a new adventure outside of Las Vegas.

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